10 Best Smartwatches For Google Pixel Reviewed

In the modern world, technology makes your life easier and more comfortable. You can collect every information, connect with every person who lives in another city, or country with the help of technology. There are so many resources of technology to collect knowledge, seeing every corner of the world, connectivity with people is on your Android mobile and laptop, computer, etc. In the past, people have worn wristwatches for looking at the time. With the modern period the people make inventions, they changed the simple wristwatch into a smartwatch. 

The smartwatch looks like a simple wristwatch but the smartwatch has too many other great features and benefits with a given time update. In other words, the mini Android phone attached to your wrist looks like a watch but works the same as its Android mobile. Recently the smartwatch for Google Pixel was released in the market which has too much storage. You easily can download your favorite apps and music on your smartwatch. The smartwatch gives you all Calls, SMS, if you miss any call or text the notification remains when you see or reply. The smartwatch tracking system builds only for your health and fitness.

It has a unique, slim, water-resistant design, lovely color interchangeable and breathable bands, heart rate sensor,  GPS, long-life battery, camera, Bluetooth connectivity, and Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Playstore, Google play music, and other apps. There are many other smartwatches available in the market but in this article, we have accumulated the best smartwatch for google pixel 2, pixel 3, and Pixel XL which has great features, benefits, and quality. We have compiled the top 10 best smartwatches for Google Pixel. The different color and style options for you that you easily pick your favorite color.

Top 10 Best Smartwatches For Google Pixel [2022]

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. Samsung Galaxy Watch

Review: The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch has a lightweight, durable, swim-ready design with a variation of colors and interchangeable bands. When not carrying the mobile phone during exercise, a smartwatch streams your playlist, SMS and call notification, and more on your wrist. It also tracks your exercise, automatically detects six exercises. The Samsung smartwatch also protects your health, detects blood pressure, heart pulse, and gives you alerts on low and high heart rate.

2. Canmixs Smart Watch

Review: The Canmixs smartwatch has a fashionable full touch screen design for men and women. The 1.4-inch HD glass display for better visual and adjustable silicone strap is comfortable to wear. The Canmixs smartwatch has an all-day activity tracker (workout time, distance, steps, calories) and fitness tracker (breathing training, blood pressure, heart rate, sleep monitoring. The best smartwatch for Google Pixel XL gives you Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and calls notifications.

3. Fossil Gen 5 Smartwatch

Review: The Fossil Gen 5 smartwatch has a touch screen with a speaker, heart rate, and exercise tracking system. The Gen 5 smartwatch swim-proof design,  44mm case size, and 22mm band size are interchangeable with Fossil bands. You can connect with your call, SMS, apps, and the time, date, day, or weather notification on your wrist. The 24 Hrs long-lasting battery to connect USB cable with a magnetic charger that up to 80% in under an hour.

4. Amazfit GTS 2 Smartwatch

Review: The Amazfit GTS 2 smartwatch has 3D curved Bezzel-less design edge to edge glass, HD AMOLED touch screen. The powerful battery life and GPS built-in can last 7 days. It has 3GB music storage, you can enjoy the music on speaker or wireless headphones. The Amazfit smartwatch for Google Pixel has 90 built-in sports modes and is water-resistant to depths of up to 50 meters.

5. Willful Fitness Smartwatch

Review: The Willful Fitness smartwatch looks like a bracelet which has slim, and elegant design. The smart bracelet easily connects with an Android phone and gives you all Calls, SMS, SNS and if you do not answer a call or text, it gives you notification from Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, Linked In. The best smartwatch for Google Pixel 3 has a fitness tracker for men, women and kids with 6 lovely band color options. 

6. HUAWEI Google pixel SmartWatch

Review: The Huawei smartwatch built-in GPS and continuous heart rate tracker that you can monitor your heart pulse and track your workout trails. The smartwatch for Google pixel 3 has scientific sleep tracking of three stages: light, deep, and REM sleep. The Android pay via NFC and Google assistant helps you in payment, download and listen to music with Google play music, and also download other apps from the play store through your smartwatch.

7. YAMAY SmartWatch for google pixel

Review: The Yamay smartwatch is made for men and women which has lovely color options and a long battery life of 7 to 10 days. The best smartwatch for Google Pixel 2 XL is water-resistant allowing great performance in rain or swimming. It has a large HD color screen to make it easy to utilize and provides clear insights into the display. Accurate activity tracker which automatically tracks your workout steps, calories, and heart rate.

8. Yocuby android SmartWatch

Review: The Yocuby smartwatch for women built-in too many practical features, weather forecast, stopwatch, take a photo, play or download music, sedentary reminder.  The multiple apps Facebook, WhatsApp, Linked In, Instagram, and Twitter available in it. The smartwatch gives your Calls, SMS, message notification just on your wrist. The monitor sleep quality throughout the process analyzes sleep quality with big data of deep and light sleep so that you sleep well.

9. TicWatch S2 Smartwatch

Review: The Ticwatch smartwatch is certified by US Military Standard design to manage extreme situations and environments. The swim-proof also gives a great performance in the water. The GPS allows Independent navigation and tracks your activities such as steps, speed, distance, calories burned and the heart rate tracker shows the user’s heart rate on the monitor. The smartwatch for Google Pixel 2 has 30 days money back warranty for any reason and a 12-month warranty for quality-related issues.

10. Beaulyn Google pixel SmartWatch

Review: The Beaulyn Smartwatch has ergonomically designed and soft strap, breathable, sweat-proof for comfortable fit. The best smartwatch for Google Pixel 2 gives you all calls, text notification from Facebook and Twitter, WhatsApp etc. The alarm clocks, pedometers, sedentary reminders, sleep monitoring, anti-lost, take photos, phone camera controllers, music player etc make it a multi-function smartwatch. The beaulyn smartwatch is 100%  quality satisfaction and has a free SD card and a screen protector.

Considerations For Buyers

Stylish Design

The smartwatches have slim, lightweight, different round, square shapes with breathable, durable, and interchangeable bands. The smartwatch has a large variety of colors. The unique design and lovely color and amazing features enhance your confidence in all activities which helps you in various ways.

Heart Rate Sensor

The smartwatch also improves your health and fitness during all activities. The smartwatches have a heart sensor that detects your heart rate and shows it on the screen. You can check your heart pulse any time when you are running, jogging, or biking and exercise. The smartwatch gives warning alerts on high and low heart rate.


The smartwatch makes changes in your life. Some only wear wrist watches for looking, but in the modern world, the wristwatch has changed into a smartwatch. It connects with your friends, tracks your fitness and heart rate, music with speakers, swim-proof design, and other 100 apps just only on your wrist.

Enjoy With Music

Every smartwatch has large local music storage. You can transfer up to 300 MP3 songs from your mobile. You can download the song or online listen to the song by Google play music on your smartwatch. You can enjoy the background on the smartwatch during running or workout.

Calls, Texts, Others Notifications 

The smartwatches are compatible with select Bluetooth-capable smartphones. The best smartwatches for Google Pixel get all Bluetooth Incoming calls, texts, after connecting your mobile. You can easily answer the call on a smartwatch via the built-in microphone or speaker. The smartwatch gives weather updates, calendar, reminders on just only your wrist. 

Monitor Users Stress Levels

The smartwatch is also helpful and effective in health and fitness which shows the smartwatch user’s stress levels during their activities. The smartwatch user easily can test to see where the stress level changes from different stages relaxed, normal, medium, or high feel pressured throughout the day, so the user easily understands when to relax and reduce it.

Sleep Quality Monitoring


The smartwatch assists in-depth sleep monitoring, which can further accurately assume the sleep level like light, deep, and REM sleep periods, handle the sleep breathing situation and deliver sleep quality analysis and advice for development founded on a night of sleep. The smartwatch also realizes sleep up to twenty-minutes to record more full naps knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch for Google Pixel is the best of others. It has a thin, lightweight, durable, and water-resistant design with interchangeable bands. The Samsung smartwatch detects your heart rate and exercise, gives alerts and updates every time. The Samsung smartwatch gives you calls, texts, weather updates, great storage, music, and other apps just on your wrist.

The Google Pixel is an android smartphone which broadcasted by Google on 26 October 2016. Google’s Pixel mobile has industry-leading cameras, brings software and security updates directly from Google. The Google pixel gives its users free limitless photo storage on Google photos. Now some smartwatches are manufactured for Google pixel.

The smartwatch for Google pixel has a waterproof, stylish, and unique design and other amazing features that help and connect with your mobile in all activities. The smartwatch has the call, text options, Bluetooth connectivity, play store, music, weather updates, speaker, heart rate sensor, touchscreen, health and fitness tracking system, online payment, and great storage. 

The simple wristwatch only gives you time, date, and days information. The simple watch has different (simple & stylish) designs and colors for men, women, and children. Whereas the smartwatch gives other incredible features and benefits with time, and date information. You can connect with people by smartwatch modern features, it’s also helpful and effective in your health and fitness.

You can easily connect to your Android device by using some steps. Firstly install “Heroband III” APP to your mobile. Then, turn on the bluetooth of your phone. After installing the app, open the application interface of “Heroband III” App, just click the on “Settings” on “My device” interface to search bluetooth devices for smartwatch.

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews always brings you comfort by collecting all those products which have many benefits, features after looking at people’s needs, and all kinds of budget. We picked the top ten best products after long research and reading the customers reviews so that you can save money and time on purchasing low quality and costly products. In this article, we compiled the top 10 best smartwatches for google pixels for those people who are fed up looking for the best smartwatch. These top ten collections are branded, higher in quality, low in prices. 

The smartwatch is best for those people who are very busy in their life, travelers, and hiking lovers. The smartwatch helps in every stage of activity like swimming, jogging, walking, sleeping, online payment. Smartwatches are also effective in your health and fitness. The heart rate sensor system detects your heart rate and gives alerts on low and high pulse rate. The smartwatch has different music, games, etc apps which makes your boring time change into entertainment. You can give others the smartwatch as a gift because it has many great features, affordable price, and good quality.

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