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There are many types (electric or gas) water heaters available in the market which instantly change the water temperature within a few minutes/seconds that makes your life easier and comfortable but these water heaters have some disadvantages that are not good for your family and home. By using some right instructions and safety tools make these water heaters safe and secure. In this article, we show you all the benefits of a power vent water heater with its proper features. 

When the water heater stores the water into the tank and changes the water temperature then the water heater discharges their extra and unused gas, heat, moisture from the tank. To vent the moisture or gas used two main types of venting (direct vent and power vent). Direct vent generates the use of pressure made by combustion to drag the extra gases outside through the chimney. It does not need excess energy to remove the gases whereas a power vent water heater needs a fan or blower to move the unwanted gases outside through pipes. 

It needs the blower/fan to cool the hot air down and bring about safety that there is no hot air left inside the tank which can cause a blast. The power vent water heaters are energy efficient and save the money that you spent on using other electric water heaters. The best power vent gas water heater can provide you relaxation of mind whenever you have your appliance running around. It effectively removes harmful combustion byproducts or flues into the home and assures your family will never have to handle crucial health issues. Therefore, always selecting the right power vent gas water heater which can also increase your energy expense.

Top 10 Best Power Vent Water Heater Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. A.O. Smith Power Vent Water Heater

Review: The A.O. Smith Power Vent Gas Water Heater has a 5-gallon water capacity which provides endless hot water with great water flow. The high-quality materials (polypropylene, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, polyvinyl chloride) and glass coating allow excellent corrosion abrasion related to the industry-standard glass lining. This power vent water heater easily can be adjusted anywhere in the home because it can vent up to 40-ft and the 2-pipe combustion system eliminates hot air outside.

2. A.O. Smith Vent Gas Water Heater

Review: The A.O. Smith 50-gallon power vent gas water heater is perfect for large families which need too much water at the same time without sacrificing the water pressure. This unit has a unique design easy to adjust in the home anywhere because of the A.O Smith heater vent up to 40-feet. This unit comes with 2-pipe combustion systems which draw healthy air from outside the house and terminate any fears about indoor ventilation.

3. Camplux Constant Water Heater

Review: The Camplux Gas Water heater comes with a slim, wall-mounted design that can easily install and use anywhere. This water heater provides instant constant hot water at 3.18 gallons per minute on demand. The Camplux water heater has an oxygen-free copper heat exchanger and durable stainless steel burner, and a vent pipe to exhaust unwanted dangerous gases instantly. It also has dry combustion, flame failure device, anti-freezing and overheating protection for safety, and child lock technology.

4. Eccotemp Propane Gas Water Heater

Review: The Eccotemp Propane Gas Water heater is a great option for a small home or cabin and apartment due to its compact, space-saving, and wall-mounted design. It has a digital temperature display for easy adjustment of the heater. This instant water heater has a safe electronic ignition system and efficient power ventilation. It allows instant hot water without suffering cold spots. The heater structure is made of rustproof stainless steel.

Considerations For Buyers


The power vent water heaters keep your family safe and secure. The backdraft system can occur if extra gases from the tank water heater leak into the home rather than going outside through the exhaust pipes. These hot gases consist of carbon monoxide, which is an explosive gas. The best power vent water heaters halt the risks of backdraft happening.


Many manufacturers are making different sizes of water heaters that are easy to use in large or small houses. Like, up to 50-gallon water heaters easily can instantly supply hot water for 4-bathrooms and a washing machine, or kitchen without compromising on water pressure and without suffering substantial water temperature drop. It is necessary to know that capacity is more than a purpose of the volume. You also have to analyze the water heater’s 1st-hour rating and recovery rate.

Electricity Consumption

The power vent electric heaters are energy efficient, there are fans or blowers to expel unused or extra gases outside. These fans need electricity to work but if you feel the electricity consumption is difficult or expensive for you, then you should search for the kind of blower or fan the heater operates. 

BTU Rating 

The power vent energy heaters do not need additional fuel for working. Ideally, everyone thought a higher BTU system heater can power and efficiently work and can heat water faster than a low BTU rating unit but the power vent heater can also heat the water and works better with low BTU. A 40-gallon power vent water heater with 50,000-BTU can still be better than a 70,000 BTU up to 50-gallon water heater.

Recovery Rate

Gas water heaters with tanks continuously obtain cold water to heat. When you use the hot water, the system replaces it with cold water and the unit should heat the cold water rapidly enough to begin again providing hot water to the homes. The vented heater can do what we call recovery rate, expressed in GPH (gallons per hour). When you are looking for a water heater, always select those which have a higher GPH recovery rating.  


The power vent gas water heaters are safe and secure for your family and home. These heaters are also unique in design which can be easy to adjust anywhere in the house depending on use. Many manufacturers provide fairly long vents which allow this. 

Energy Efficiency

Power vent gas water heater energy efficiency rating is lower than other electric water heaters because of a more profound heat loss in the duct process. The power vent gas water heater also heats the water quickly and saves you money, therefore it is always best to select appliances with a high energy factor.

Venting Length

The extra powerful the blower mechanism, the distance which can shift flue gases along the pipework. Such as up to 90-ft venting distance is better than an under the 50-ft system because it can eliminate flue gases up 95-ft before inferring a vertical flow. Otherwise, you can install a power vent water heater anywhere in the house and channel the exhaust gas in another section about up to 100-feet away.

Easy Installation

The power vent water heaters are easy to install. Some manufacturers just believe their assurances if an official or recognized experience completes the installation. Otherwise, if you have an expert plumber, you can hire a gas water heater. It depends on your choice and budget.

Blower Unit Power Rating

The power vent gas water heaters do not only use natural or propane gas. The blower or fan mechanism needs electricity for work. Because it is also necessary to deduce the blower’s power rating. By this procedure, you can save money from gas expenses, but not on the essential to work the blower/fan.

Power Venting

A power vent water heater has a mechanism that operates by drawing combustion air from the room encompassing the gas water heater. These water heaters need a fan or blower to shift the exhaust gas through the pipe and vent Outside the home or apartment.

Direct Venting

On the further hand, a direct vent water heater hinges on the simple tendency of warm air to shift upwards. The direct vent water heater does not need any fan or blower to help in dragging exhaust air. The procedure is approximately related to an atmospheric system, except that you can run an exhaust pipe through the wall.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

The A.O Smith ProMax Power Vent heater has a 50-gallon water capacity which is best for a large family. It has an exclusive 3-position rotatable blower outlet that expands flexibility. The 50 gal water heater is made of high-quality material which is durable and corrosion-resistant. The A.O Smith power vent heater features 2-pipe combustion systems which draw clean air from outside the house, removing any worries about indoor ventilation.

The gas system water heaters impose the right venting of dangerous explosions by effects or exhaust gas. All traditional gas water heaters, exhaust gas travel exits via the chimneys or through a pipe. You can call this venting type atmospheric. Duct gases move vertically. Whereas the direct vent water heater hinges on the normal tendency of hot air to shift upwards. The direct water heater does not need any blower or fan to help in traveling exhaust gas. This procedure of venting gas is almost related to an atmospheric system, except that you can operate the exhaust pipe through the wall.

Every manufacturer uses different techniques, parts, and materials therefore, you cannot put a power vent on another gas water heater. However, if your traditional gas water heater already has a power exhausting mechanism and you only want to renew it, you can buy replacement parts. It is important to know that power-vent water heaters manufactured structures and created their products from the ground up. What may concern you are tankless water heaters that work on gas? If you place a fan or blower kit to direct exhaust in every way, related to a power vent heater. It is a surprisingly resourceful path to handle water heater power venting.

The power vent water heaters keep your family and home safe and secure from any explosion danger. When the water heater changes water temperature then these heaters release unwanted (carbon monoxide) gases which is a flammable gas that can cause an explosion if these gases do not vent from the right side. The power vent gas water heaters are further efficient than traditional heaters and obtain less fuel. These power vent heaters also restore water faster and are cheaper than direct vents and traditional heaters. The power vent water heaters use a fan or blower to exhaust the hot air through the venting pipes and do not need any chimney.

The manufacturers provide important instructions for installing and using the power vent water heaters. The vent water heaters will most likely have either one of the 2-kinds of venting systems. The 1st kind is a single vent pipe system which is almost installed as a pipe inside another pipe. One of these pipes processes as discharge, while the further serves as the gas input pipe. Whereas the second kind is the 2-pipe system which has two various pipes for exhausting. One of the pipes gives air from the outward, while the other releases the combusted products to the outside. 

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews team just only works for those people who are finding the best products at a reasonable price. We always select those products which are worthy and have many great features and are available at an accessible cost that everyone can easily afford and use. In this article, we showed you all the best power vent water heaters with their tremendous features and proper specifications that will be helping in selecting all the best power vent water heaters. 

Our aim is that all the new appliances and gadgets are introduced to other people so that everybody can easily make their life comfortable and convenient by using them. Only customer satisfaction and comfort are important for us. We hope our selection of power vent gas water heater making will be beneficial for you and keep your family safe and happy. The best power vent water heaters use fans or blowers to remove dangerous gases outside the home. 

These blowers or fans need electricity to operate. If you realize electricity consumption is a problem for you, then it’s a better option. You can easily check the kind of blower or fan the heater operates. The “BS Reviews” also have other best electric and non-electric heaters, tank or tankless water heaters, shoes, tablets, outfits, smartwatches and other modern gadgets which are available at affordable prices. Now it depends on your choice and which one you select according to your budget. 

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