10 Best Hybrid Water Heaters Reviewed

In daily routine, everybody uses the water for multiple purposes (washing, drinking, showers) but with the changing weather conditions, people also want different temperature water (hot water in winter, and cold water in hot season). Many appliances (refrigerator, water dispenser) can be used to cool water in hot weather that keeps your drink cold and fresh. Same as it, the cold change needs a water heater. A water heater is a useful gadget that cold water changes into hot water without any problems. There are many types of water heaters available in the market but in this article, we discuss hybrid water heaters. The hybrid water heater also has two types (gas hybrid water heater, electric hybrid water heater). 

Both (electric and gas) water heaters change the water temperature. We collected the top 10 best hybrid water heaters after long research and read all hybrid electric water heaters reviews that you can get the best and right water heater for your home and easily can use warm water. The hybrid water heaters are affordable, energy-efficient, and fully secure for homes and families. The hybrid water heaters save your money and time that you are wasting on other expensive water heaters and bills. We have a large range of tank and tankless water heaters, you can easily buy the water heaters according to your budget and family needs. 

The hybrid water heaters are made of higher quality materials that are durable and work long-lasting. Lots of hybrid water heaters have an efficient warranty that is a great opportunity for heater buyers to easily repair their water heater without any problems. We read lots of hybrid electric water heater reviews that many people are exchanging their old water heaters with hybrid water heaters and they are happy and satisfied with their new state hybrid water heater. In this article, we only collect all popular brands (General, Voltex, Electrolux, and Rheem hybrid water heaters) which are easy to install, have solid construction, and efficient warranty.

Top 10 Best Hybrid Water Heaters Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. General Electric Heater

Review: If you are searching for the best electric energy-efficient heater. The General electric water heater is the best heater which provides you effortlessly hot water which is made in the USA. The 80-gallon hybrid water heater is higher in quality and performance and saves up to $365 every year in water heater expenses. The General electric heater has a removable filter for deterring dust and garbage and fans to protect the heat pump from running efficiently. 

2. Voltex Residential Water Heater

Review: The Voltex residential water heater is an excellent and super-efficient water heater from others. The hybrid electric water heater operates at low costs easy to install and use, works gently and quietly, available at affordable prices. The Coregard™ anode rods provide excellent tank protection and the 66 gallons and 80 gallon Voltex models have double anodes for extra safety. The Voltex electric water heater also has dry fire protection.

3. Electrolux Water Heater

Review: The Electrolux electric water heater is made of premium stainless steel which provides long-lasting durability and also has 1-year labor, 10-year parts, and a 15-years tank warranty. The electric hybrid water heater works quietly, effectively, and fully secure for your home. The Electrolux 66 gallon tank water heater ensures running out of hot water isn’t a difficulty and three operating modes, auto, econ, and heater provides you the perfect option for every application.

4. Westinghouse Electric Water Heater

Review: The Westinghouse Electric water heater has a laser-welded (316L) stainless steel structure that resists corrosion and stainless steel Incoloy components with low-density decrease chances of element burn out and gives extended life versus conventional elements. The hybrid electric water heater has a limited lifetime warranty and 80 gallons capacity. The Westinghouse electric heater is also available in different sizes. It delivers long draws of hot water without expending a wide amount of power.

5. American Gas Water Heaters

Review: The hybrid water heater gas provides you hot water at 90% percent thermal efficiency. The hybrid tankless water heater has 6-years parts and a 6-years tank warranty. The hybrid tankless water heater improved hot water delivery without any waiting. The hybrid water heater is the latest in cutting-edge technology from American water heaters which combines the best attributes of conventional and tankless technology to deliver the best of both worlds.

6. Eternal Condensing Hybrid Heater

Review: The Eternal condensing hybrid water heater has a unique and venting design. The hybrid water heater delivers hot water to many fixtures (bathtub, showers, sinks) at the same time without any decline in temperature or pressure. The Eternal condensing hybrid water heater works quietly and all heaters are easily available on market and repaired. It also has an efficient 15-years (No leakage) warranty for residential use and a 5-years warranty if commercial use.

7. Stiebel Eltron Electric Water Heater

Review: The Stiebel Eltron electric water heater is designed to give comfort plus insufficient reasonable energy costs. It has a liquid refrigerant inlet, the superheated refrigerant outlet that changes the water temperature. The coating on the Accelera® evaporator preserves against corrosion and also provides quick water drainage for increased airflow and incredible heat transfer and efficiency. The hybrid electric water heater has air intake and exhaust which are angled to allow the chance for installation in compact areas.

8. Rheem Heat Pump

Review: The Rheem water heat pump has a different design from others, its narrow 21-Inch diameter fits through access doors and has a top-mounted air filter, brass drain valve, (standard ¾-inch NPT water inlet, outlet), and condensate drain connections. In Rheem hybrid water heater reviews people said, it’s easy to install, and has a factory-installed T&P valve. It has stainless steel resistor elements, constructed in freeze or overheat protection, fully secure for your family and home.  

9. HTP Crossover Water Heater

Review: The HTP crossover water heater is made of high-quality stainless steel which is durable and works long-lasting. The HTP wall water heater is built with an advanced hi-fin heat exchanger design for excellent performance. The HTP crossover water heater has 3-operational recirculation modes-pulse, smart, and time-sequenced. The hybrid water heater has an internal pump and an intelligent control technique that can recirculate water through the plumbing system.

10. Westinghouse Tankless Water Heater

Review: The Westinghouse natural gas water heater has a wall-mounted for space-saving installation. The hybrid tankless water heaters are available in different sizes and prices. The Westinghouse water has 3-modes of recirculation pump (pulse, smart auto-learn, time-sequenced. In hybrid water heater reviews, many people are satisfied with up to 96% of energy-efficient heaters. The high-quality stainless steel heat exchanger and self-diagnosing intelligent control quickly changed water temperature.

Considerations For Buyers


The hybrid water heaters are available in two kinds (tank and tankless). The tank/tankless water heaters are made of high-quality materials and have different designs from each other. Some tankless water heaters have compact, lightweight, wall-mounted design whereas the tank water heaters have a huge, heavyweight design and have too much water gallons capacity.


The water heater has an air compressor inside the component further improves the pressure of the gas, forcing it to rise in temperature. The steam inside tubes is then pumped around the tank filled with cold water. As the tubes, while around the compressed gas will make heat in water and when the gas is getting cool and changed into liquid, it’s pumped back to a radiator where it starts the procedure again.

Safe & Secure

When using a hybrid water heater, terminating the danger of toxic gas combustion and exhaust. The hybrid heat pump water heater only uses surrounding air, and of course an insufficient amount of electricity, and fuel. You further don’t have to fear boiling warm water flowing out the showerhead or fixtures. 

Whisper Quiet

The hybrid water heater works smoothly and super quiet without any noise. Some tankless water heaters have a compact size and work quite easily fits in your apartment and do not need any garage. The big tank water heater also works quietly but due to their huge size installed at separate places.

Modes & Settings

The hybrid water heaters have various modes and settings (Hybrid and Automatic, Efficiency or Heat Pump Mode, Standard or Electric, Vacation Mode) and also have operating modes which easily can be controlled setting with remote control or over Wifi.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

The hybrid water heater works the same as a refrigerator. Like the refrigerator, discards heat from an enclosed space to retain it chilled but the water heat pump traps warm air inside the tank to warm the water and it is surprisingly new and efficient. The hybrid water heater consumes less energy from other water heaters and saves lots of money that you spend on electricity bills.

The General electric water heater is the best heater from others made in the USA. The Geoheater saves up to $365 every year in water heating expenses and uses up to 62% less energy than a standard electric 50-gallon water heater and provides great pressure hot water without any waiting. It is also available in different water capacities.

Mostly wall mounted heaters are airy heaters that change the room temperature whereas the water heaters also change temperature but water temperature. The wall-mounted heaters are those which are easily set with walls and have a compact size. Some water heaters are also available in wall-mounted designs which are space-efficient and easy to install with an apartment not needing any garage, or extra space.

The hybrid electric water heaters are made of high-quality materials which are durables and long-lasting. The hybrid electric water heater is not only available at reasonable prices it also saves you a lot of money that you waste on electricity bills. Hybrid heaters consume low energy and provide endless hot water without any waiting and hard work.

Both (tank/tankless) water heaters are best depending on your needs, wish, and budgets. Both water heaters are available in different sizes. Both water heaters change the water temperature and work the same but some features make them different from each other like the tank water heater can save so many gallons of water and big whereas the tankless water heater does not save water in it and is different in size from tank heater. 

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews team’s goal is to always provide all the best and useful products which deliver you comfort and relief without any hard work and waste of your time and money. In this case, we have a wide variety of different types of home appliances and other daily bases using products with their proper introduction and features that you easily can buy and use. In this article, we have accumulated the top 10 best hybrid water heaters after reading all hybrid-electric heater reviews, ratings, capacity, and features that you can easily get from hot water. 

The hybrid water heaters consume lesser energy from other huge and expensive water heaters and work smoothly and efficiently. These top ten best hybrid water heaters are available at different prices, sizes, and colors. Now it’s depending on your budget, needs and wish that which one will be best for your home. You can get hot water from many fixtures at the same time with great pressure and temperature. Now it’s time to get discabinet from other higher consumer electric water heaters.

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