10 Best Gas Water Heaters Reviewed [Buyers Guide – 2022]

In the modern world, people are very busy in their life, they want everything within a short time without any effort. The gadgets are making your life easier, our lifestyle depends on gadgets, we can get everything just on your one touch (by the online system) at any corner of the world. Same as it, some home appliances (microwave, refrigerator, iron, washing machine, dishwasher, etc) are also too important for ourselves, that are only made for our help and support. 

The gas water heater is one of the important appliances in all of them. There are many types (gas heater, electric heater, etc) of heaters available in the market but in this article, we show you the top 10 best gas water heaters with their proper information. The best electric wall heaters give heat in cold weather but the best gas water heater gives you hot water in cold weather without consuming any electric power and saves lots of money wasted on buying an expensive, low-quality electric heater. 

The gas water heater has many excellent features and benefits. We are collecting all those best-rated gas water heaters which give tremendous results and people give positive comments in the gas water heater reviews. We have a different gallon collection of the best-rated gas water heaters at an affordable price that everyone easily can be purchased and used. Now, it’s time to say Bye, Bye to your higher-cost electricity bills and time to say hello to the affordable priced most efficient gas water heater. Before buying you can also read the best gas water heater review for your satisfaction. We have just collected the top 10 best water heaters that you can get in cold weather within minutes without any problems.


Top 10 Best Gas Water Heaters Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. MAREY Gas Water Heater

Review: The Marey has the heater best heater from others that is perfect for every size home, cabin, apartment, and small commercial usage. The best gas water heater for home has a computerized LED screen for temperature control, oxygen-free copper heat exchanger. The best residential gas water heater has a compact design, easy to install and adjust to everywhere, built-in with many great multiple safety features, has a 6.87 gallon per hour flow rate, and a 5-year efficient warranty.

2. Rinnai Natural Gas Heater

Review: The Rinnai brand has 100 years of confidence from their quality and innovation by North America No.1 brand for all of your water heating needs. The best natural gas water heaters save valuable area, due to their compact design like a little suitcase that is easy to install. The best gas water heater to buy capable of WiFi connection, great for up to 7 fixtures, has up to 11 GPM flow rate, an efficient warranty on parts, labor.

3. Camplux Water Heater

Review: The Camplux tankless propane water heater has a compact, lightweight portable design that is great for barns, cabins, and provides instant hot showers. The best price gas water heater has (safety-flame failure, overheat, anti-frozen) protection, automatically turning off the gas supply when the high water temperature is over. The best energy-efficient gas water heater has a solid construction of stainless steel burner, tinning copper heat exchanger, and 1.58 gallons per minute of hot water flow rate.

4. Marey Gas Water Heater

Review: The Marey gas tankless water heater is available in different sizes that have various flow rates. The best gas water heater has a compact, lightweight portable design, easy to use in-home and outdoor use. Marey’s best-rated water heaters have excellent quality, innovative service and safety, and an efficient 5-year warranty. The best gas water heaters to buy have water activation flow and the amount of heat can adjust according to your comfort.

5. Noritz Outdoor Water Heater

Review: If you want the best energy saver gas water heater the Noritz is the best tankless water heater which provides you hot water without consuming too much energy. The best-rated gas water heater stands with other brands due to its highest quality and superior value. The Noritz outdoor gas water heater has up to 5 gallons per minute flow rate and 12-year heat exchanger, 5-year parts, and 1-year labor warranty.

6. Rinnai Gas Water Heater

Review: The Rinnai gas water heater has a compact design that is easy in small spaces such as the attic, crawl space, or even a closet. The Rinnai gas water heaters are available at an affordable price and consume less than energy from electric heaters. Rinnai brand always provides you high quality and innovative products. Built with Smart technological advancements such as WiFi monitoring. The Rinnai natural gas water heater works smoothly and fantastically. 

7. Rheem gas Water Heater

Review: The best Rheem gas water heater included a digital remote control and 10ft of thermostat wire. The best residential gas water heaters have higher quality stainless steel which is durable and works long-lasting, it also has an affordable price, great features, efficient warranty such as a 12-year heat exchanger, 5-year parts, 1-year labor. In the Rheem has water heaters reviews lots of people are happy and satisfied with Rheem products. 

8. Eccotemp Natural Gas Water Heater

Review: The Eccotemp natural gas water heater is perfect for cabins, apartments, small homes, businesses (parlor, gym, swimming pool). The best natural gas water heater is rated at 3.6 GPM that switched on when in use, making it an energy saver. It has a digital temperature display that makes it easy to read and increase or decrease temperature. It has a compact, space-saver, wall-mounted design with a safe electronic ignition system and 120-volt electric UL-listed cord.

9. Camplux Water Heater

Review: The Camplux residential gas water heater has high thermal efficiency and high-rise wind resistance-phosphorus deoxidized copper heat exchanger with great temperature and corrosion resistance technology for combustion. The best residential gas water heater provides quickly heated water without waiting and it also saves your time, money, and energy. It has durability, truly excellent energy saving, environmental protection. The Camplux gas water heater has a compact, wall-mounted design space saver for an Attic small suit.

10. Takagi Natural Gas Water Heater

Review: The Takagi natural gas water heater has a compact, space-saving design, and computerized safety features. The best gas water heater gives 6.6 gallons per minute nice hot water flow rate. Takagi natural gas water heater is perfect for small spaces, apartments, and cabins. It has an efficient warranty on a 15-year limited heat exchanger, 5-years limited parts perfect for residential use. Starting with gas inputs of 160,000 BTU, the T-H3J can produce enough hot water for two bathrooms in warmer climates.

Considerations For Buyers


The gas water heater has a unique design. Some gas water heaters are tankless which has a compact slim, sleek, lightweight portable design and some gas water heaters are big and want too much water and have a round shape like a big tank.

Kinds Of Water Heaters

There are many kinds of heaters (hot air and water heaters) but both heaters also have two more kinds of electric heaters and gas heaters. The heaters need electric power or natural gas to work. 


The durable, high-quality (stainless steel and solid copper) materials are used in gas heaters which are not breakable. The gas water heaters work long-lasting. Gas water heaters have solid heating systems construction which converts the cold water into hot water without melting any parts.

Inlet & Outlet

Every tank/tankless gas water heater has an inlet and outlet with a filter system where water comes in the heater through the inlet side and the water heats the internal solid copper heating system and cold water converts into hot water and comes out into the heater through the outlet side.

Valve Type

The gas heaters have drain valves that are placed at the bottom of your water heater tank and are usually prepared of plastic or brass. For stability, look for a gas water heater tank that arrives with the brass valves. The valves are mostly extra durable compared to plastic ones.


Most gas water heaters have various (2, 3, 5, 10) years warranty on parts, labor that is a good option for gas water heaters buyers, they can easily repair heaters within the warranty period. Before buying must check the warranty and best prices on gas water heaters then choose accordingly.

Energy Consumption 

The gas water heaters consume less energy than electric water heaters. The gas water heaters are affordable and work better than electric water heaters. 

Tank & Tankless

The two types of water gas heater tank and tankless. The tankless heaters have a slim, sleek, compact, lightweight, and portable design that can be used indoor and outdoor whereas the tank gas water heaters are big, heavyweight, and can store the water in the tank. The tank and tankless water heater are easily available. It depends on you which one is selected for your home. 


Every gas water heater has an LCD which shows heating temperature and water flow. You can operate the temperature according to your needs or wish. Some gas water heaters have WiFi technology which helps you in starting the heater or setting flow/temperature. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

The Marey residential natural gas water heater is from the others. The best gas water heater is built in a computerized safety system (over-heating, flame failure, anti-freeze protection). It has a screen touch precise temperature control system and compact design easy to install and use. The best quality gas water heater provides a 6.87 gallon per hour flow rate without any electric power.

The Electric heaters need too much electric power to work and because of your increasing electricity bill whereas the gas heater does not need electric power, that works efficiently and effectively and can save your money on spending bills. There are many different heaters available, some keep your home environment warm and some keep your water hot.

The Camplux pro 1.58 gallon per tankless propane gas water heater with portable handle perfect for camping, cabins, and indoor use. In the best gas water heaters, consumers report the Camplux heater exists on the first number. Compact, lightweight portable design easy to use and carry, gas regulator and showerhead also included with heater. The best water heater gas has a stainless steel burner and tinning copper heat exchanger.

We are selecting these top ten after reading all gas water heaters reviews which are made of solid material (stainless steel burner and other parts) and have dry combustion protection, flame failure device, anti-freezing protection, oxygen depletion protection shut off safety that keeps your family and home secure. Gas water heaters also have high and low-temperature systems that you can easily set according to your needs.

Some features make them different from each other but both of the heaters’ cold water change into hot water. The tankless gas water heaters have a slim, sleek, lightweight, and portable design that you can use at home and can move outdoors whereas the tank gas heaters are big in size and weight. The tank gas water heater can store cold water and change it into hot water. 

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews team always provided all the best collections of those products which you needed. Same as it, we also have compiled a list of top-rated gas water heaters that can make your life easy and comfortable. We selected all products after years of the best gas water heaters reviews that give so many benefits to people. The top 10 best gas water heaters saves your money that is wasted on expensive electric water heaters. 

The best gas water heaters ratings are high but prices are affordable that you can easily enjoy the hot water anytime. Most people are happy and satisfied with the water heater, they also shared their experience in natural gas water heater reviews. Now it depends on your budget needs or wishes which one selected you according to your needs. We hope our collection will help select the best gas water heater.

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