10 Best Extension Cords For Space Heaters [Buyers Guide – 2022]

An extension cord is a flexible electrical power cable (flex) with the connectivity of a plug on one end and one or more sockets on the other end. If the plug and power outlet are available in different types, then the term “adapter cord” is used. Most extension cords range from around two to thirty feet in length. The extension cords come in various colors, lengths, and thicknesses. Nowadays Electrical extension cords are available in various types and capacities.

 The capacity needed for an extension cord and the two safety power is based on two primary factors. These two factors are the gauge and the length. The most common sizes of gauges for extension cords are 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18. If the gauge number is smaller the wire will be thicker. While on the other hand, the length of the extension cord will affect the voltage drop. When too much resistance of electricity flows through the wire of the extension cord the voltage drop occurs.  

If you need an extension cord for small devices the light-duty household extension cord is favorable. Commonly light-duty extension cord comes with 50 ft length and 16 to 18 gauge. For larger devices and equipment, you need a heavy-duty extension cord with more power to operate accurately. The heavy-duty extension cord usually ranges from 10 to 14 gauge and the length up to 100  ft is suitable. By choosing the safe length and gauge for your extension cord, you can save your home from short circuits. Here we selected the top 10 best extension cords for space heaters that are perfect for your comforts and needs.

10 Best Extension Cords For Space Heaters Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. Space Heater Extension Cord

Review: The Space Heater Extension Cord comes in different designs and is made with a good material cord. An angle Plug is connected that enables your cord to remain flush to the wall in tight spaces. The Grip grooves make this extension cord for easy connection and disconnection of the cord. This space heater extension cord including 14 gauge, 15 amps to 1875 Watts increases their great working ability. It is excellent for large equipment such as dryers, refrigerators, and power tools, etc.

2. Prime Iron Heater Extension Cord

Review: The Prime Iron Heater Extension Cord is made of good quality and easily available at a low cost. The cord with polarized plug and connector for use with heat-producing appliances such as irons. This extension cord is suitable for these appliances such as space heaters, dryers, and other equipment. It includes a 10 gauge extension cord for a space heater with 13-amps and 1625 Watts. This eligible extension cord comes in black color.

3. Extension Cord with Surge Protection

Review: The Extension Cord with Surge Protection comes with great features and is made with fabric material. The UL listing and hassle-free alternate strategy provide relaxation of the mind that your surge protector is supported by the greatest standards of safety and achievement. The fabric power cord comes in a gray and white chevron pattern that increases its elegance. The 13 Amps and 1625 Watt maximum electrical rating makes this cord perfect for indoor use.

4. Long Heavy Duty 6 ft Extension Cord

Review: The Long Heavy Duty 6ft Extension Cord is multipurpose 6 outlet power strip features to power space heaters, laptops, computers, printers, and all other electronics. This cord has a thin and lightweight design. The cord comes with a 15 A circuit breaker switch. The heavy duty’6 power cord makes it more versatile for use in living rooms, offices, and bedrooms. The high-quality surge protection helps better protect your homes from short circuits.

5. DanYee Power Extension Cord

Review: The DanYee Power Extension Cord is made with thermoplastic which is favorable to temperatures from -40°F to 130°F. The fully shaped strain assistance connectors provide long life and durability. The extension cord is used in equipment both indoor and outdoor such as a desktop computer, LED-lit monitor, ceiling-mounted projector, powered speakers, lawn mower, and pump, and so on. Due to 16 gauge, it is safer and more reliable at longer distances.

6. kekilan 3.2 ft Extension Cable Wire

Review: The Kekilan 3.2ft Extension Cable Wire has a light and durable design. It has a waterproof rating of IP67 and is connected with a special port. The extension cord enlarges the distance from light to light directly. It is made of high-quality UL2464 wire. The 3.2 ft extension cable wire is suitable for LED color lights. It is best for indoor and outdoor appliances. The black color of this cord is attractive.

7. Monoprice Black Extension Cord

Review: The Monoprice Black Extension Cord comes with an eligible design and gives great features. It is a perfect solution for power devices and available in length up to 100ft included with a high-quality gauge. A grounded NEMA 5-15P plug on one end and a NEMA 5-15R receptacle on the other end of the wire. It is small in size and light in weight so you can carry it anywhere. 

8. SIMBR Short Outdoor Extension Cord

Review: The SIMBR Short Outdoor Extension Cord has a very portable size that gives outstanding benefits. Due to 16 gauge, heavy-duty molded ends are very durable. It includes 13 Amps, and 1625Watts provide favorable power. The wire is made of copper and makes the transmission of electric current more effective and safer. This copper wire is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

9. 3-Pack Luxtronic Extension Cord

Review: The 3-Pack Luxtronic Extension Cord has a household cord and is perfect only for indoor use. The white 6 ft are three polarized outlets in a solid molded plug for valuable use indoors. This extension cord is excellent for electrical outlet extensions like Xmas lights. One outlet to three extension cord with a safety sliding window gives great power for appliances. It is durable and portable.

10. Gauge Indoor Outdoor Extension Cord

Review: The Gauge Indoor Outdoor Extension Cord comes in black color and gives a great capacity of power. This extension cord is suitable for indoor and outdoor use with a lifetime warranty. The 3 prongs are attached with 12 gauge. Due to 125 Voltage, 15Amperes, and 1875 Watts provides great power for light and heavy indoor and outdoor appliances. This extension cord is also acceptable for space heaters.

Considerations For Buyers

Wire Gauge 

The gauge of an extension cord is determined by the size or diameter of the conducting wires inside. A low gauge number indicates a thicker wire and a greater capacity, whereas a high gauge number specifies a smaller wire with less capacity. The 16 gauge is a light-duty extension cord used for general purpose powering work lights or compact fans. This extension cord most commonly appears in 16, 14, 12, and 10 gauges. The 10 gauge extension cord is a heavy-duty extension cord with the highest capacity to deliver power. By the time of choosing the perfect extension cord, remember which gauge ranges are suitable for your needs.

Plug Type

Plugs are an important part of extension cords. Most extension cords have plugs with either two or three prongs. Two-prong plugs aren’t grounded, while three-prong plugs are grounded. The plug with a 120-volt outlet brings the ground wire in an electrical circuit and relatively reduces the risk of electric shock or fire. Several plug qualities vary from cord to cord, such as plugs on outdoor cords have covering to keep water out, but the plugs on some indoor cords are removable. You can easily separate these plugs by discarding two or three screws. An additional detail you might find on some plugs is an LED that lights up.

Power Ratings

Another important thing in an extension cord is power capacity. The “Amps” or Amperes is the measure of the flow of current or electrons through an electrical conductor. If the number of electrons is greater moving through the conductor, the current will be higher. In an extension cord, the conductors are the copper wires within the cord. The Voltage or “volts” is the measure of electrical force resulting in the electrons moving. The greater the electrical force, the higher the voltage. The wattage is the measure of electricity used, like Light bulbs, equipment, and other electrical devices that are normally rated in terms of watts. Always choose those extension cords that are rated in terms of how many amps or watts they can safely carry. On an extension cord, the amperage, voltage, and wattage are printed on the UL or ETL tag.

Cord Size

The length of the extension cord is another important thing. The shorter cords are best for running devices with higher current requirements. It is usually fine and perfect for most equipment. While on the other side the longer cord for a device could damage your appliances. Some extension cords may be longer than 100 feet, those between 1 and 100 feet are the most helpful and popular for home tasks. The Cord length also affects how much voltage is lost due to electrical resistance over distance. Longer cords have less capacity than shorter cords. For example, a 16-gauge extension cord that is less than 50 feet long can power a device up to 1625 watts, while a 16-gauge cord longer than 50 feet can power a 1250W appliance.

International Use 

The main difference between extension cords is between indoor and general/outdoor use. The general use and outdoor cords can be used indoors, but never use an indoor extension cord outdoors. The light-duty extension cords can range from 25 to 100 feet, with a 13 amp power rating, and 16-gauge wire is good for Christmas lights, fans, and hedge trimmers. The Medium-duty cords can range from 25 to 150 feet, with a 14 to 15 amp power rating, and 14-gauge wire help power lawn mowers and power drills. While the Heavy-duty cords can range from 25 to 150 feet, with a 16 to 20 amp power rating, and 10- or 12-gauge wire are designed for chain saws, power-hungry tools, and generators. For your safety purpose, all the manufacturers use safe and high-quality materials.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

If you need an extension cord for small appliances the light-duty household extension cords are good. Normally a light-duty extension cord comes with 50ft length and 16 to 18 gauge.

For space heaters, the heavy-duty extension cords are perfect. These cords are designed to handle the current for high-power devices. The heavy-duty extension cord usually ranges from 10 to 14 gauge and the length up to 100ft is favorable.

When you should use an extension cord, the resistance of it results in a voltage drop. This voltage drop is compensated by your power supply for transmitting higher currents. The Power equals voltage multiplied by current it means that the current has to increase. These higher currents can cause a fire. That’s why extension cords can’t handle high current.

The Prime Iron Heater Extension Cord is perfect for space heaters. This space heater extension cord is made of good quality and easily available at a low cost. This cord is also reasonable for small appliances. Their black color is eligible. It includes a 10 gauge extension cord for a space heater with 13-amps and 1625 Watts to increase the ability of power.

The extension cord mainly depends on two factors: the gauge and the length. The most popular sizes of gauges for extension cords are 10, 12, 14, 16, and 18 feets. The second important factor is the length of the extension cord that will affect the voltage drop.

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews just here for solving your problem when you find the best extension cord for space heaters. All the best and unique products that are higher in quality, excellent performance, and available at a cheap price are mentioned in this article. These top 10 extension cords provide you great comfort and help. These extension cords have incredible and outstanding features and are also suitable for all indoor and outdoor appliances. These cords are made of high-quality material that prevents your houses and other sites from short circuits. The top 10 products of extension cords are branded that you can easily buy at an affordable price. Now it depends on you which extension cord is perfect for your needs.

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