05 Best Electric Garage Heaters [Reviews and Guide]

In the winter season when it is too cold outside, the indoor temperature also becomes low. The situation becomes even worse if you are in your working space like a garage. To overcome this difficulty, you might need an electric garage heater that keeps your garage warm and cozy to save you from chilled weather and help you concentrate on your work rather than concentrating on the alternate methods to keep yourself and your co-workers warm.

The next thing to think about is which size and type are suitable for you and which brand is more economical and reliable. As soon as you enter the market or an online store you see multiple brands and models that make you puzzled among them. There are so many good brands and bad ones also but how can one know about the brand without using or even knowing about their features. Everyone wants to invest their money in good products. No one will like to waste their money on useless or low-quality products. 

Moreover, not every product is good, and not every good product is good for you. Because product specifications must have been matched with the requirements you have. The small size electric heater will not work properly in a large garage as you expect it to do. Similarly, a heavy-duty heater will overheat your small garage and cost you more money than the small one. So, you have to pick the product that exactly matches your requirements.


Unless you have prior experience, it becomes almost impossible to select the best electric garage heater. You will definitely need a guide for yourself to pick some best options so that you can choose the best electric garage heater. That is why you are here reading this article. If that is the case, “The BS Reviews” is offering you a perfect guide that will help you to select the best electric garage heater. In this article, we will give you top product reviews with their features. Not just that we will also discuss the features or specifications in the garage heaters and some commonly asked questions related to the electric garage heaters. So, let’s start this journey with our best picks of electric heaters.

Top 10 Best Electric Garage Heaters Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-WIFI

Review: Heat storm HS-1500 comes first in our list of best garage electric heaters due to quite many reasons. The first and the main reason is the modern WIFI technology added to this electric heater. Which allows you to use your phone to control this electric heater. It is designed to be mounted on the wall which means no extra space will be needed to install this heater. This heater has 1500 watts of power that is suitable for the single-car garage of 150 sq ft. However, it can work for more space if the area where it is applied is insulated.

2. Dr. Heater DR966

Review: Dr. Heater is a heavy-duty electric heater that works on fan-forced technology which means it uses a fan to blow out the hot air. This unit allows you the power range of 3000 watts to 6000 watts that easily heat the area of about 600 sq ft approximately. You can mount it on your ceiling and can adjust it by moving it towards the area where you want the more concentrated heat. However, it will equally distribute the heat over the whole area. The 8 inches fan works continuously without any turbulence and very low noise.

3. Fahrenheat FUH Electric Heater

Review: This electric heater is a powerful unit that works very well in your working space and heats it at the desired level very quickly with the fan-forced system. Fahrenheat FUH electric heater has a thermostat to adjust the temperature at your desired level with a range of 45 to 135 degrees Fahrenheit. This unit has a power wattage of 5000 watts that can heat your working space quickly. You can mount it on the ceiling or on your wall in the vertical or horizontal position or any other position that suits you best.

4. Comfort Zone CZ220 Electric Heater

Review: Comfort Zone CZ220 is a fan-forced power heater with a strong body and space-saving design. The power wattage of this electric heater is 5000 watts with three different adjustments of 3000 watts, 4000 watts, and 5000 watts. It allows you to change the output power wattage as well as the temperature using a temperature adjustment knob. The unit has two indicator lights, one for power on/off indication and the other for caution indication that turns on when the temperature increases over the limit. This water heater has a built-in sensor to protect you from overheating.

5. Dr Infrared Carbon Heater

Review: Dr Infrared heater uses an infrared heating mechanism for heating purposes which means that it uses infrared rays to heat the area where it is installed. This electric heater has three power wattage levels including lower level 900 watts, middle level 1200 watts and high level 1500 watts. The unit comes with a remote control to adjust the temperature. The body is made with aluminum that resists any damage caused by weather changes. The heater also has a timer to keep it on only for desired time. Overall, this infrared electric heater is worth your consideration if you have a small garage.

Considerations For Buyers

An electric heater must have some features that make it the best garage electric heater for you. Without these features, the electric heater will lack to provide you the desired results that you want. So first you must have a basic understanding of the features that you are looking for in the electric heater. Here we will discuss the must-have features of the best electric heaters.

1. Wattage

The wattage capacity of the electric heater is the most important and basic factor to understand while choosing an electric heater. It describes the power intensity of the heater. It is measured in watts. The wattage of the heater helps you understand the area it can cover or the area it can heat easily. It varies in different electric heaters. Small size heaters can have 1000 to 1500 watts of power wattage while heavy-duty electric heaters have 4000 to 6000 watts of power wattage or more. Some heaters also provide you the facility to change the wattage at different levels from minimum to maximum power wattage capacity they have. To understand the power wattage you need, you have to follow a simple rule of wattage calculation. First, calculate the area of your garage or working space in square feet and then multiply it by 10. The answer will tell you the power wattage you need in the electric heater for your.

2. Heating Mechanism

Different electric heaters use different heating mechanisms to provide you the heat. Here we will discuss the two main heating mechanisms that are used in the electric garage heaters.

  • Fan forced Heaters

Fan forced heaters have a fan that is used to blow out the hot air. Fan forced electric heaters are usually heavy-duty heaters that are used to heat a large area. They convert the electric energy into heat energy and heat the air. The heating part heats the air and the fan blows it out instantly.

Infrared heaters use infrared light to heat the area. The infrared rod emits infrared light which later heats everything around. Unlike fan-forced heaters, infrared heaters do not heat the air. Instead of air, it heats the things present in the coverage area. Infrared heaters only heat things in the range of the heater. These heaters are used for the small garages or working places where there is less space and more things are present.

3. Safety

Safety is another factor that must be considered while buying the electric garage heater. Many manufacturers provide different safety features in the electric heaters to avoid any mishap. Especially, when there are infants or pets in the area where the electric heater is set up.

  • Overheat Protection

Overheat protection is a safety feature to save the unit and the area from overheating. Some heaters have a built-in overheating sensor that automatically shuts off the heater when the temperature reaches an unsafe level and restarts it when the temperature reaches back to a normal level.

  • Touch Safety

The electric heater must be safe to touch whether the touch is intentional or unintentional. The outer material of the heater must not heat up with the temperature increase or continuous use. Electric heaters must have a protection grill at the front to avoid the direct touch to the heating material or fan. Moreover, it must be made of strong non conducting material that will not allow the heating unit to heat the body of the heater.

4. Space Saver

Although there is no such long procedure to set up the electric heater, a good electric heater allows you to save space by setting it up in different ways. Following are some of the types of heaters based on their installation methods.

Some heaters can only be mounted on the wall with the help of mounting brackets so that they can save space as well as cover the greater area for better heating.

  • Ceiling Mounting Heaters

The ceiling mounting option is usually provided by the heavy-duty fan-forced heaters. So that they can easily intake the air to heat it and blow it out with the help of a fan. Some bracket or heavy-gauge handle is provided with the units to fix them on the ceiling.

  • Multi Optional Mounting Heaters

Some heaters also provide multi-mounting options including both wall mounting and ceiling mounting. So, you can mount them at your own ease. Some small electric heaters also have a tripod mounting option.

Extra Features

5. Adjustable Louvers

Adjustable louvers allow you to adjust the direction of the heater at multiple positions to change the concentration of heat at that specific position. 

6. WIFI Control

This is an add-on to the electric heater by which you can have complete control of your electric heater on your phone through WIFI connectivity.

7. Timer

The Timer setting frees you from keeping the track of on/off schedule. You can set the timer after which the heater will get off automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Yes, infrared heaters are safe to use. The reason is that our skin is ready to absorb the radiation because the same radiations are also present in sunlight. However, it is recommended to avoid the direct prolonged exposure of infrared rays to eliminate any chances of skin damage.

There is no hard and fast rule to install an electric garage heater. It depends on the type of heater you have. Some can be mounted in-wall or on the ceiling. Just read the installation manual to determine the type you have or just read the packing of the unit.

By using the thumb rule, you can easily determine the coverage area of any power wattage. 150 sq ft can be covered by (150 sq ft x10) 1500 watts. Similarly,300 sq ft, 500 sq ft, and 600 sq ft of the area can easily heat up by 3000, 5000, and 6000 watts. These values may differ due to some other factors like insulated areas or too many windows or openings in the place where the heater is installed.

No, electric garage heaters do not require any ventilation. However, it is recommended to ventilate the area to keep the oxygen level normal and avoid any unwanted fumes or odors.

No, electric heaters do not produce any unwanted sound. They work quietly to a certain extent. Fan forced heaters have a barely audible sound of the moving fan. However, the working process of the infrared heater is noise-free.

Bottom Line

Everyone wants that their working space must be perfect in every manner so they can work or spend their time at that place without any inconvenience. Too cold weather can turn out as a hurdle in the achievement of this desire. To overcome this, an electric heater can be a rescuer. In this article, we have discussed the best electric garage heaters that will help to keep your garage warm and cozy in the cold weather. You can pick one from above suggestions that matches your requirements or suits you the best. 

We have also guided you related to the features that make an electric garage heater the best electric garage heater. We have discussed some additional features and their uses as well. To cut a long story short, we tried to cover every possible factor that can help you out to buy the most reliable and durable electric heater. 

Our top picks of the best electric garage heaters are entirely based on personal experience and customer reviews. This article is the result of the efforts and strong determination of our team. “The BS Reviews” will continue to provide such articles to help you in any possible way we can. Your support and appreciation meant a lot to us. If you have any suggestions or queries related to our work, kindly leave a comment below. We will respond to your queries as soon as we can.

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