10 Best Drawing Tablets Under $100 [Buyers Guide – 2022]

Some people have a limited budget and want high-quality products at reasonable prices. Every company is manufactured big and small products which have high and low prices that everyone easily can get and use. In this article, we show the all best higher quality drawing tablets which are available under 100. In the modern world, technology makes our lifestyle easier and comfortable. A drawing tablet is a gadget, which is specifically great for that person who wants to enhance their art talent. The drawing tablets are not just practicing; they also help you in office work, jewelry designing, drawing, and in school. 

In the past when anybody wanted to make a painting, they needed a pencil, paint, paper but now with the help of drawing tablets, you do not need different brushes, paint, paper, or sketch pencils. The drawing tablet has all functions in it. You can easily make your drawing colorful after making the sketch. There are many (doodle boards, drawing tablets, graphics tablets) available in the market. These all kinds of drawing tablets are made for drawing but their features make them different from each other. Like the graphics tablets, it looks like a plain digital blackboard, there you can draw but can not see your work on a graphic tablet. Graphics tablets need other devices to show your work. 

The drawing tablet also looks the same as the graphic tablet. You can easily see and focus on your work without seeing other devices but on graphic and drawing tablets you need a computer, laptop for work. And the doodle board comes on the third number in the drawing tablet. The doodle board also looks like a drawing and graphic tablet but the doodle board does not need any other devices for work. The doodle board has fewer features than other drawing tablets. The doodle board is specifically designed for kids. All drawing tablets have a stylus (drawing pen) that helps you in drawing. With the help of a stylus, you can draw and erase. We show you all the important information, features of the top 10 best drawing tablets under 100 which help you and will make you a perfect artist.


Top 10 Best Drawing Tablets Under $100 Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. Parblo A640 Drawing Tablet

Review: The Parblo drawing tablet has a slim, sleek, and portable design with a wool felt liner bag and two-finger glove. The drawing tablet is great for digital art work, sketching, painting and graphic design etc. Problo drawing tablets have large surface working areas, 4 customizable keys, latest battery-free stylus, and 8,192 levels of pressure sensitivity bring up fabulous lines for drawing. You can plug in and out with an advanced USB type-c connection.

2. Genius Graphic Tablet

Review: The Genius graphics tablet has a free laser touch scroll mouse, battery-free cordless stylus, wide display working area, 2560 LPI high accuracy and sensitivity, and ultra-slim design with rich black color. The Genius graphics tablet has a rolling pad for scrolling, zoom in or out, and brush functions, volume up or down, next or previous pages which provides you fast access during work. The Genius graphics tablet is excellent from others, extremely simple to work with.

3. XP-PEN Graphic Tablet

Review: The XP-PEN graphic tablet is easy to set up with advanced connection, you can easily attach it with Android phones and Android tablets anywhere you want to use. The graphics tablet comes with a 9 × 6 inch working area and a separate USB interface, that gives you more space and freedom to release your ideas. It has 4-customizable shortcut keys, slim, sleek and portable design best for multiple uses and ideal for online teaching/working.

4. VEIKK Drawing Tablet

Review: The Veikk drawing tablet is suitable for right and left hand users. It is compatible with Mac OS × 10.10, Windows 10/8/7 and other drawing software like Photoshop, Corel painter and more etc. The Veikk drawing tablet supports online classes (teaching/learning/Remote work), no need to install Veikk driver. It has 12 customized shortcut keys for quick access and efficiency during the work save your time.

5. Wacom Drawing Tablet

Review: The Wacom drawing tablet has slim, compact size, and portable design that is easily accessible at limited space, and student desk. The Wacom drawing tablet is simple to set up and give excellent performance. It has 6.0 × 3.7 inch configured for both handed use. Wacom drawing tablets are also ideal for teachers and students to draw, edit photos, express ideas and interact in online classes by a natural way.

6. Newest Drawing Tablet

Review: The Newest drawing tablet is specifically for kids that kids easily show their creativity and imagination by drawing on a tablet.The Newest drawing tablet is an excellent gift for your boys and girls gives great writing experience with any mess (chalk, paint, or paper). The drawing tablet has no radiation, no glare LCD screen that protects your child’s eye sights. It has a changeable battery and only one erase button for deleting everything.

7. UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet

Review: The UGEE graphics tablet has a wide active working area where users easily release your inspiration on enough space and has a slim, sleek, super lightweight panel with compact design.  The Ugee drawing tablet is compatible with Windows 7/8/10 and Mac OS 10.10 or above, but not for Linux, and Chrome. The battery-free stylus is equipped with a pen holder and has extra 8 pen nibs and removal tools inside.

8. WINDEK LCD Writing Tablet

Review: The Winder LCD writing tablet has colorful, bright, large, smooth screens from other tablets which make your kid’s creativity attractive. The electronic tablet has one key to lock the screen which prevents your creative art work from being erased. It also has another front key to erase your work and clear the screen. The drawing tablet has non-toxic and non-radiative body material with smooth round corner design and also protects kids’ eye sights.

9. Turcom Graphic Tablet

Review: The Turcom graphic tablet is best in editing digital photos, painting, and drawing with a battery free pen works on display and gives real paper pen experience. It has 2048 levels of stylus pressure sensitive for precise pressure control. The Turcom drawing tablet has slim, lightweight and portable design. It comes with a large 8 × 6 inches active working area comfortable for both handed users, and precise control to paint, draw and sketch.

10. GAOMON Graphics Tablet

Review: The Gamon graphics tablet is perfect for beginners and professionals who help in digital drawing, sketching, graphics design, and animation. It has 4 customizable express keys for quick changes and high level pen pressure for improved workflow. The Gamon tablet has great compatibility with Windows (7/8/10) or above and Mac OS (10. 12) or above. The portable and lightweight tablet is easy to carry and use for students.

Considerations For Buyers


The drawing tablet has a lightweight, ultra-slim, and ergonomic design which easily adjusts in your backpack and you can use it anywhere. The drawing tablets do not need to be assembled. The lightweight design is perfect for kids they easily carry and use. All drawing tablets have the same shapes but are different in size.

Safe Display 

The large, smooth display with side shortcut keys provide you with a natural and smooth working experience. You can easily release your imagination from the draw on a tablet. The tablet has a protective plastic cover to protect it from hand grease and scratches.


The drawing/graphics tablets have great compatibility with Android devices, computers, laptops, and Mac OS. You can easily set up the drawing tablet without other help and can quickly start your work without any battery issues. Some tablets have advanced connections with Android phones and tablets for easy use anywhere.

Shortcut Keys

Every drawing and graphics tablet has different (3, 4, 7, 5, 8) keys which help in quickly changing during the working on tablets like for scrolling volume up/down, erase and undo, next to or the previous page, zooming in and out.


All drawing tablets have a battery-free stylus which is easy to use, no worries to charge, and works on display smoothly and naturally gives real pen and paper experience with the stylus. Some drawing tablets stylus has two keys on it which easily erase your work and some stylus has erased key on stylus back.

Tablet & Stylus Stand

The drawing tablet stands available in the market. For a better working experience you can attach the stand with a tablet. Some tablets have a stylus storage area, you can easily keep your tablet stylus in the right place that prevents the stylus from being lost.

Multiple Uses

The drawing tablets can be used for multiple uses. It is a useful and excellent device to help you work at home. The drawing tablet can be used for online teaching, E-learning, online meetings, tutoring, illustrative, writing, editing, painting, and other usages based on user needs.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

The Parblo A640 drawing tablet is the best table from others. It has a tablet glove, stylus, and bag which help you in drawing, and storage. The Parblo drawing tablet has a slim, lightweight design, large surface area for drawing, compatible with Windows/Mac OS and applications, and 4 customized hotkeys. The Parblo drawing tablet is easy to use and carry. With the help of USB type connection, easily plugin/out either direction which Is convenient and stable for you.

The drawing, graphics tablets and doodle board look and work the same but some features make them different from each other. The doodle board works with a changeable battery, and only has a button for delete and only best for kids drawing, and writing. While the graphics and drawing tablets work with a USB cable which is easily connected with devices, and has a stylus for drawing, many customized buttons for quick changes but the one screen feature makes them different from each other.

The doodle board is best for 3-10 years old kids. The kid’s doodle board gives the same feel as a familiar pen, marker, and chalk but without the mess of chalk, markers, crayons. The kids easily keep this in their backpack, enhancing their writing formation. The drawing and graphics tablets are the best for 10 years old kids which easily know every function and features of a drawing tablet. The drawing tablet needs other devices for working that little kids can not use themselves.  

Some people feel that all low price products have low quality but they know wrong. Every company makes different sizes of products which have different prices so that every person can easily buy the products according to their high and low budget. Same as it, the different kinds and costs of drawing tablets are available. These top 10 best drawing tablets are branded and made of high-quality materials, which have many features, benefits like other expensive tablets.

The drawing tablet is the best gadget for beginners, they can easily enhance their talent with the help of a drawing tablet. These beginners can practice again and again without wasting any paper. With help of drawing tablet features, they can make changes in their drawing. The drawing tablet has a stylus that works like a real pen that you easily can draw like a perfect artist. The drawing tablet has a zoom in/out, delete and undo option, you can focus your weak points in the drawing. 

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews have a large range of high-quality products that make your life easier, faster, and comfortable. In the modern century, technology is helpful in our daily routine life, enhances our talent, and makes our lives easier. Same as it, we introduced all those products which are needed. With the help of technology, you can get everything in your home without walking the market. You also can get your needed products from other countries by the online process. In this article, we show you all the best drawing tablets under 100. This article is specifically written for those people who want to get high quality branded drawing tablets at cheap prices. 

These under 100$ drawing tablets are the best gadget for drawing. You can give the drawing tablet of your children as a gift. We hope this gift makes your kid’s life enjoyable and easy if they have drawing talent. The drawing tablet is also best for office works, school or art Academy, fashion designing, and online classes. We pick all those drawing tablets which have great features, benefits, and cheaper prices. We hope our selection of the best drawing tablet under 100$ will help you in your life and make you a perfect artist. We show you the top 10 best drawing tablets under 100 with their details. Now it’s up to you which one to select for yourself and your family according to your needs and budget. 

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