10 Best Drawing Tablets For Animation Reviewed [Buyers Guide – 2022]

Most people want to spend their extra time on their favorite works. Every person has a different (cooking, painting, gardening, etc) hobby in their life. Some people select their profession according to their hobby which will be beneficial to their health and life. Every person has a hidden talent in itself and doing hard-working makes their hidden talent excellent. Most people like art, they work just passing time or relaxation. In looking past the people needs paper and pen, colors, brushes to draw something and coloring. In this unique and technological world, people are making changes in everything which is very helpful and effective for us and makes our life easier and comfortable. 

The Drawing Tablet also has great creativity in all of them. Drawing Tablet is an excellent device that is easy to use and carry everywhere. A drawing tablet is a good option for those people who want the best achievement in a drawing. When you draw anything on paper if you draw any wrong shape. You can not undo the shape on paper. Unfortunately, you throw or tear the paper which is wasting your time and effort. The best drawing tablets for animation have a large HD touch screen, different colors, and functions, you can also add different colors after making a sketch and if you won’t change the colors, you can easily alter the colors as you wish. 

If you are going on a journey, you can carry the drawing tablet in your handbag and easily pass your time by drawing the tablet attached to your laptop. You can draw everything on it. The best drawing tablet for animation boosts your talent and gives you confidence and experience. There are many types of drawing tablets available in the market but we have collected all the best drawing tablets for animation which have great features and benefits. We will show you all branded graphics and simple drawing tablets for animation with their specifications, prices, and features.

Top 10 Best Drawing Tablets For Animation Of 2022

Detailed Features & Reviews

1. Genius Graphics Tablet

Review: The Genius graphics tablet is different from other tablets, it has a free laser touch scroll mouse. The 4×6 inches wide screen Innovative and convenient tablet gives you a digital graphic experience. With the help of a lightweight battery-free cordless pen, you can easily draw, paint, sketch, and sign or different kinds of shapes and thickness to maximize your creations. The multiple functions(scrolling, volume control, zoom in/out, and brush features) are also available in it.

2. Adesso Kodak CyberTablet

Review: The Adesso Kodak Cybertable has an ultra-slim, lightweight design with rich black color and has advanced features that are built for art, business, presentation, and projects. The 6 customizable shortcut keys specifically built for artist’s help and battery-free stylus for always ready to draw. The Kodak Cybertable has PC and Mac compatibility. It has an 8 × 5 inches large drawing area that helps improve precision and detail. 

3. GAOMON Drawing Tablet

Review: The Gaomon drawing tablet and Gaomon two finger glove help you to draw better and has a slim, sleek, black color design. The battery-free stylus has advanced passive technology, no need to replace or charge the battery. The 10 × 6.25 inches drawing area provides you great space for your work. The Gaomon drawing tablet for animation has a 1-touch ring, 1-round, and 10 hotkeys for zoom in/out, brush adjusting, page scrolling, and more direct access to other functions.

4. Cocar Drawing Tablet

Review: The Cocar drawing tablet has a large fully laminated tempered glass screen with an anti-glare layer, scratch-resistant and durable. The drawing tablet has 8 handy shortcut keys with a slim touchpad. You can easily zoom in and zoom out, scroll up and down your work by a touch bar. The drawing tablet has adjustable brightness, contrast, aspect ratio, and OSD has 8 languages. It also has a 3-year warranty.


Review: The Huion Kamvas tablet has an ultra-thin and portable design easy to use and carry everywhere. The Huion tablet is suitable for left-hand and right-hand users. With the help of a USB cable, users can connect the tablet with Android devices. The Huion Kamvas 16 tablet has full-laminated technology with anti-glare Matte film display that shows clear and protects eyes. It has a battery-free stylus PW517 and stable pen nibs to deliver a simple pen-writing impression.

6. Wacom Intuos Tablet

Review: The Wacom Intuos graphics tablet has an ultra-slim design and compact size with a big area for drawing. Wacom has a non-chargeable pen and 4 customizable express keys for shortcuts. The Wacom graphics tablet is not designed for drawing, it’s also used in software for art, photo editing, and animation. The user is easy to connect this tablet via USB cable to Mac or PC to write, edit or express ideas with others during web-conferencing.

7. XP-PEN Deco 01 Tablet

Review: The XP-Pen Deco 01 tablet has a packing, passive pen, replacement nibs, pen stand, USB-C cable, and drawing gloves with a graphics tablet at a reasonable price. The stylus is battery-free and quickly starts to work like a real pen experience. The graphics tablet for animation is durable and comfortably perfect for both handed users. The best compatible with 10/8/7, Mac OS version, major designer software. Deco 01 tablets are ideal for professional and beginner designers.

8. UGEE M708 Graphics Tablet

Review: The UGEE Graphics tablet has an ultra-thin, sleek, super-light panel with compact size and has a large drawing area for a better drawing experience. The digital, battery-free pen works smoothly on display just like drawing on paper. The 8 shortcut keys help the drawing zoom in, zoom out, select brush size, undo and erase colors selection. UGEE graphics tablet perfect option for professional or beginner artists, and amateur hobbyists of all ages.

9. Turcom Graphics Tablet

Review: The Turcom graphics tablet is suitable for professionals and beginners, artists, designers, etc. They can easily transfer their imagination and talent on the graphics tablet. The graphics tablet comes with a pressure sensitivity pen, AAA battery for a pen which draws smoothly and gently on display delivers a real pen and paper experience. The Turcom tablet has a slim design with PC and Mac compatible, easy to carry and use everywhere.

10. Monoprice Drawing Tablet

Review: The Monoprice drawing tablet has 10 × 6.25 inches large drawing area for a better drawing experience. The drawing tablet for animation features a 4000 lines per inch drawing resolution, a 200 RPS report rate, and 2048 levels of pressure sensitivity. The 8 shortcut keys are available on the left side of the tablet that you can easily quickly use during work on the tablet. It has 16 user-assignable Hot Cells besides the upper edge of the drawing area.

Considerations For Buyers

Graphics Tablet

The graphics tablet is completely just a digitizer that needs attachments to another display like a computer, laptop, etc where you can utilize the digitizer. The effects and responsiveness exist additional and less dependent on the connected (USB) cable’s quality. 

Drawing Tablet

The Drawing tablets exist much more practical in terms of putting in details in real-time, and working on scenes, and having more control. In other words, you can say, the artist directly focuses on drawing tablets no need to see other displays. It perfectly does their work on a drawing tablet and directly can correct on a tablet.

Full Laminated Tempered Glass Screen 

The drawing tablet has high quality, large, durable, clear, and scratch-resistant screen which is anti-glare coating protects your eyes and shows everything bright, clear. You can easily sketch on-screen, glass is plain and a simple pen works smoothly. Your creation on a tablet will be achieved naturally and intuitively.


The drawing tablets are compatible with Windows and Max System and other most famous software like PS, Clip Studio Paint, ILLustrator, ArtRage, Affinity Photos, Animate Flash, etc.

Multiple Application 

The drawing tablets are not only made for animation sketches. It’s also useful for illustrative, image editing, handwriting recognition, online education, and drawing or other usages. The drawing tablets are perfect for anime lovers and design students and help in art academies, training, etc.

Easy Use And Install

The screws free installation, VGA, HDMI, and USB interface lets you attach to multiple devices, with a large IPS monitor, and after attaching a stand you can work conveniently and comfortably. You can find a perfect viewing angle with the stand.


The perfect size of drawing tablets is very important, it depends on the working style that you want a big drawing area or small display. Otherwise, the large display approximately always confirms a great drawing experience and the small screen is also good in drawing but during work, you need a zoom key bar again and again for better work.


The drawing and graphics tablets are made of high-quality materials that can not break at fall down. The display is durable and does not worry about any damage. If you want to make the tablet screen safe. You can protect with an additional glass protector. The display view quality should be higher which shows you clean and real. 

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Genius Graphic Tablet is the best of others which have great features. It has a free Laser Touch Scroll Mouse and 4×6 HD screen for a clear image, with a rolling pad for scrolling, volume up/down. The tablet is easy to install, and use, very convenient, comfortable, and also has great compatibility with the window and max system. The latest battery-free pen design has many draws and erases options. 

A drawing tablet is a gadget that works with electric power and enhances your sketching talent, helping you in different animations. With the help of a drawing tablet, you can make an animated movie and store all sketches on your laptop. In a drawing tablet, you never need additional brushes, paint for coloring, because of all the options available in it. You easily connect with a computer or laptop and start work.

The drawing tablet and graphics tablet looks like the same, lightweight, slim design and works the same but the graphics tablets need to be connected up to a computer and show your all patterns on display whereas a drawing tablet is the best for beginners, just only focusing on the tablet screen, easily drawing and seeing your creativity on the tablet. The graphics and drawing tablets just build for enhancing talent and help.

When you draw anything on paper, you need brushes, paint, pencils, etc. You can not erase any sketch on paper if you select any wrong color, and you can not make an animated movie with the paper sketch, while when you draw on a tablet, you do not need any brush, paint, etc. You just connect with your device with cable and start your work. You can easily delete and undo your work on a drawing tablet. 

Drawing monitor, Stylus, USB cable, DC power cord, and VGA cable included in the package. If your drawing tablet pen is lost or damaged, you can easily get it from the market. You also can order online and get your pen in the house but before buying you must be sure of the proper knowledge (cost, brand, quality, and features) of a pen that is the best for your drawing tablet.

Bottom Line

The BS Reviews just only work for your comfort and help provide all those products which make your life easier and convenient. We give you all the best products with their features, benefits, and prices that you can effortlessly get and use them. We pick all those products which are higher in rating, have lots of features, and highest in quality with affordable price. In this article, we show you all the best top 10 drawing tablets for animation with their features. These all top ten drawing tablets are branded and of higher quality. You can freely use it without any damage. The drawing tablet is the best gift for children. 

You can give a drawing tablet to your children as a gift. The drawing tablet enhances your kid’s talent and also helps in art classes or online classes. If you want to make any animated movies or cartoons, the tablet helps you at every step. You can easily store your creativity in it and with the help of color options, you can make your sketching colorful. You easily erase any line, colors, and sketch. You also can get back your work with the undo option. We showed you all the best top 10 Drawing tablets for animation. Now, it’s up to you which one to select for yourself or others. We hope, we clearly show you everything about the drawing tablets. This article is written for those people who are looking for the best gadgets for boosting their talent in Art.

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